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New from Variaplan!


We have expanded our ‘Protective Casings’ to include REPLACEMENT Meter Covers.


Our Replacement Meter Covers provide tougher protection and secure storage of electric and gas meter equipment in properties across the UK.


With over 30 years experience in supplying ‘Protective’ Covers/Guards, we have introduced the new range of covers for all known utility meter cabinets.


Not only are they easy to install, but they are several times more robust than the ‘casing’ originally installed, thus improving security and also reducing costs for repeatedly vandalised boxes.

The Problem

Meter Boxes often fall foul of vandals who take great delight in smashing the doors to reveal contents. Once this damage has been done, the box and meter equipment inside can call prey to vandals who are often unaware of the of the potential danger that their ‘mischief’ can cause. A full replacement of the meter box can be expensive and difficult to accomplish - many boxes now have both electric and gas meters within—the logistics of trying to get both utilities on side at the same time to disconnect and remove their equipment whilst they (or another third party!) replaces the entire box.

The Solution

Variaplan Meter Replacement Covers have been designed to fit over existing frames and are simple to bolt in place. It is a ten minute job that can be done with all the utility equipment still in situ.

The Variaplan Meter Cover provides tougher and safer storage for utility meters and is used by Local Authorities and Housing Associations throughout the UK. However, if required, we will be happy to supply a single unit.


The covers are durable, manufactured from high quality steel and are coated to resist corrosion. A range of door locking devices are also available if further security is required. We can also supply the covers in high quality stainless steel if preferred.


Our Replacement Meter Covers provide tougher protection and secure storage of electric and gas meter equipment in properties across the UK.






Just four easy steps lead to installing the Meter Box

Meter Replacement Covers for electric and gas meters are designed for wall or recess fixing as illustrated.

The doors on all Meter Replacement Covers can be specified for right or left hand opening to suit the application.


The doors are fitted with twin locking mechanisms - the original key can be used to unlock the door. If you require improved security, we can add an additional lock of your choice.


Our meter boxes are fabricated from high quality mild steel offering a robust and strong finish. They are zinc coated to resist corrosion and are powder coated to produce an attractive finish which matches the original fitment. If preferred, we can manufacture the covers from stainless steel.


We have a selection of sizes available. However, if you have an unusual size, we can provide a solution - please call us for details

Measuring Up

Finding the right size/model is very simple. All that is required is the measurement of the
actual aperture of the existing meter cover (with the door open). It will most probably match one of our standard sizes - listed below - if not please call us for assistance.

Electric Meters Height Width Gas Meters Height Width
  530mm 340mm   520mm 340mm
  600mm 400mm   530mm 365mm
  710mm 480mm   545mm 380mm
  530mm 335mm   450mm 390mm


We can accept Orders by phone, email or fax.  Minimum order quantity 4 off or for larger quantities of 10 or more, please call for volume prices.  Delivery will be approximately 12-15 days but may be extended during busy periods.

Excluding Local Authorities, Housing Associations etc., small order terms apply, i.e. payment with order please.